Plasma-surface interactions 1

12 September 2023
Conferences, Oral
SURF SURF 1 10:35 > 12:15 Plasma-surface interactions 1 Antipolis Auditorium SURF

10:35 SURF1-O1-019 Gas- and plasma-surface interactions in cryogenic conditions: a quasi in situ XPS study on Si substrates > C. Christophe CARDINAUD 10:55 SURF1-O2-034 Selective cryoetching plasma process of Si3N4 > R. Rémi DUSSART 11:15 SURF1-O3-049 Photoresist removal in MEMS fabrication process with HDRF®, optimized chemistry by adding hydrogen radical in oxygen process > M. Marc SEGERS 11:35 SURF1-O4-108 Effects of the substitution of Ar by Kr in ALE process of GaN > C. Cédric MANNEQUIN 11:55 SURF1-O5-081 Impact of temperature towards the reduction of C4F8 passivating gas-flow during bosch processing > J. Jack NOS





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