Innovation & Technologies

12 September 2023
Conferences, Oral
ITEC ITEC 1 17:30 > 18:30 Innovation & Technologies Ella Fitzgerald room ITEC

17:30 ITEC1-O1-006 A plasma for multidimensional elemental and molecular analysis of surfaces & interfaces > P. Patrick CHAPON 17:45 ITEC1-O2-009 Advanced patterning – ion beam etching for nano structuring > M. Manuela LOETSCH 18:00 ITEC1-O3-172 Advanced retarding field energy analyzer for accurate measurement of ion energy and flux in plasma-assisted thin film deposition tools > T. Thomas GILMORE 18:15 ITEC1-O4-151 How to identify the optimal plasma treatment length for different surfaces > V. Véronique Schloupt





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