Poster session 1

12 September 2023
Posters, Poster
SOUR PS 1 17:30 > 19:30 Poster session 1 Gould area SOUR

DEPO-P1-018 Effect of interfacial SiNX ultra-thin film on optical and electrical properties of PVD antireflective coating > B. Beji HIBA (Clermont-Ferrand) DEPO-P1-026 Effect of Tantalum addition on properties of Cu–Zr–based Thin Film Metallic Glasses (TFMGs) > S. Soufyane ACHACHE (Nogent) DEPO-P1-039 Development and characterization of chromium-based PVD coatings for the protection of stainless steel bipolar plates for PEM fuel cells > J. JORDI ORRIT-PRAT (Manresa) DEPO-P1-067 Tailoring surface properties of Zr-V thin films by competitive self-separation of crystalline and amorphous phases during sputtering > R. Raya EL BEAINOU (Nancy) DEPO-P1-182 Synthesis of Multifunctional Flexible Zn-Al Based Oxide Thin Film with Antibacterial and Moisture Barrier Properties using Atomic Layer Deposition System > J. JiHo EOM (Daejeon) DEPO-P1-193 Impact of plasma assistance on SiO2 and HfO2 thin films physicochemical and photometric aging properties > A. Arthur SOUTENAIN (Le Barp) DEPO-P1-197 Sputtering Techniques for Smart Textiles > D. Dirk HEGEMANN (St. Gallen) DEPO-P1-207 Using evaporation to create hydrophobic coating GROM-P1-063 Depth Resolved XRD Measurements using in-situ XRD during Ion Beam Sputtering > S. Stephan MÄNDL (Leipzig) GROM-P1-123 "MISSTIC": a multi-tool experimental setup for magnetron sputtering deposition combined with in situ and real-time characterization > H. hervé MONTIGAUD (Aubervilliers) GROM-P1-126 Augmented reality representation for the investigation of simulated inclined chromium thin films > N. Noé WATIEZ (Cluny) GROM-P1-149 Chromium carbide coatings by DC sputtering of a sintered target. > A. Aurélien BESNARD (Cluny) GROM-P1-199 Ion beam sputter deposition of epitaxial Ga2O3 thin films on c-plane Al2O3 > D. Dmitry KALANOV (Leipzig) HELIAG-P1-044 Polysaccharide coatings for urinary catheters > A. Alenka VESEL (Ljubljana) HELIAG-P1-099 Plasma Polymer Coatings of Non-planar Materials for Bioapplications > L. Lucie JANŮ (Brno) HELIAG-P1-101 Towards a development of integrated micro-electro-apta-sensors into a diabetes organoid-on-a-chip device. > A. Axelle AUBERT (Grenoble) HELIAG-P1-177 Influence of varying plasma parameters on the response of MG-63 osteoblast-like cells onto poly(allylamine) thin films > H. Hernando III SALAPARE (Mulhouse) HELIAG-P1-203 Investigation of toxicity of Plasma Activated Water on Lemna Minor > N. Nevena PUAC (Belgrade) ITEC-P1-107 Industrial Technology for ta-C Coatings Deposition > J. Jan KLUSON (Sumperk) ITEC-P1-110 Innovative conformal deposition solution into TSV integration for oxide, nitride, and metal layers by pulsed liquid precursor injection > P-D. Pierre-David SZKUTNIK (Bernin) NANO-P1-017 Localized laser texturing of passivating nano-layer deposited by PVD for industrial olfactory sensors applications > W. William RAVISY (Andrézieux-Bouthéon) NANO-P1-096 Zirconium-based nanocatalysts by sputtering onto glycerol and solid carbon > S. Soumya ATMANE (Orleans) NANO-P1-132 Direct Liquid Reactor-Injector of Nanoparticles: a safer-by-design aerosol injection for nanocomposite thin-film deposition adapted to various plasma-assisted processes  > R. Richard CLERGEREAUX (Toulouse) NANO-P1-144 Optical and structural analysis of silicon nitride co-doped with erbium and ytterbium > A. Afaf BRIK NANO-P1-194 Structural and chemical characterizations of nanostructured cermet aluminium oxy-nitride / copper films > M. Mireille RICHARD-PLOUET (Nantes) NANO-P1-202 Synthesis of ultra-thin film MAA:PEGDMA hydrogels with customized properties by atmospheric pressure plasma > J. Jordi SANS (Esch/Alzette) PROC-P1-098 Optical diagnostics of a N2/Ar microplasma for the deposition of hexagonal Boron Nitride. > B. Belkacem MENACER (Villetaneuse) PROC-P1-129 Tuning plasma-droplet interactions in dielectric barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure for thin-film deposition  > L. Luc STAFFORD (Montréal (Québec)) PROC-P1-131 Time-Resolved Optical Emission Spectroscopy Analysis of a low-pressure RF Plasma with Pulsed Injection of Argon, Pentane, and ZnO Nanoparticles > M. Marguerite DION (Montréal) PROC-P1-137 Developing a method with optical emission spectroscopy to control thin layer in R-HiPIMS deposition process > D. Dimitri BOIVIN (Orléans) PROC-P1-142 Study of N2/H2 plasmas produced by an active screen source: contamination due to NO production and role of hydrogen in the gas mixture. > R. Robert HUGON (Nancy) PROC-P1-174 Impact of electronegativity and monoenergetic electrons on the properties of electrostatic sheaths in magnetized discharge plasmas. > S. Samir CHEKOUR (Alger) PROC-P1-185 Pulsed aerosol assisted plasma deposition: influence of the injection parameters > R. Richard CLERGEREAUX (Toulouse) PROC-P1-189 In-Situ Temperature Measurement of Components in PECVD Machines with a 3-Fold Rotation > P. Paul JÄCKH (Stuttgart) PROC-P1-195 Equivalent electrical circuit modeling of a He dielectric barrier discharge plasma jet > M. Marija PUAČ (Belgrade) SOUR-P1-143 Dynamics of the material ejection in a dipolar arc in DC regime and its connection to the arc noise > R. Robert HUGON (Nancy) SOUR-P1-152 O2 shielding modulates the spatiotemporal density of Ar(1s5) in argon atmospheric-pressure micro-plasma jets > J. Joao SANTOS SOUSA (Orsay) SOUR-P1-158 New micro-plasma reactors for the synthesis of heterostructures of 2D films of hexagonal Boron Nitride and Graphene > A-A. Abd-Almalik HALFAOUI (Orsay)





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