Nanomaterials and nanostructured thin films 5

13 September 2023
Conferences, Oral
NANO NANO 3 10:35 > 12:15 Nanomaterials and nanostructured thin films 5 Antipolis Auditorium NANO

10:35 NANO3-O1-073 Plasmonic Cu nanoparticles embedded in semiconductor heterostructures for photoconversion applications > Y. Yerila RODRIGUEZ-MARTINEZ 10:55 NANO3-O2-092 Development of a microwave microplasma process for the elaboration of nanodiamonds > A. Abdoulaye SIBY 11:15 NANO3-O3-076 Dielectric barrier discharge in nitrogen for the realization of nanocomposite layers using multifrequency excitation and gold salt precursors > E. Elene BIZERAY 11:35 NANO3-O4-120 Synthesis of gold/polymer nanocomposites in an atmospheric pressure plasma > A. Alexandre PERDRAU 11:55 NANO3-O5-146 Au nanoparticles decoration of different TiO2 nanostructures using atmospheric pressure cold plasma > A. Andjelika Bjelajac





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