Plasmas for health, agriculture and life science

13 September 2023
Conferences, Oral
HELIAG HELIAG 1 14:45 > 16:05 Plasmas for health, agriculture and life science Ella Fitzgerald room HELIAG

14:45 HELIAG1-O1-037 Bactericidal surface treatments for dental implants based on silver and copper MEVVA ion co-implantation > R. Raul BONET 15:05 HELIAG1-O2-093 Combination of plasma-polymer thin films and topography to limit bacterial adhesion > A. Amelia WHITELEY 15:25 HELIAG1-O3-122 Investigation of the antibacterial properties of silver-doped amorphous carbon coatings produced by low pressure magnetron assisted acetylene discharges > V. Valentin JOB 15:45 HELIAG1-O4-153 The role of short- and long-lived reactive species on the anti-cancer action of plasma-treated liquids: in vitro and in vivo applications > J. Joao SANTOS SOUSA





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