Plasmas for conversion and catalysis 1

13 September 2023
Conferences, Oral
PLACC PLACC 1 14:45 > 16:05 Plasmas for conversion and catalysis 1 Antipolis Auditorium PLACC

14:45 PLACC1-O1-133 Interplay of transport, plasma concentration and chemistry in microwave discharges > G. Gerard VAN ROOIJ 15:05 PLACC1-O2-119 Plasma-assisted CO2 hydrogenation over Ir/TiO2 catalytic thin films in a DBD reactor > J. Joseph Gregory 15:25 PLACC1-O3-173 Discharges in honeycomb monoliths and capillary tubes > K. Karol HENSEL 15:45 PLACC1-O4-027 Synthesis and effect of BiVO4 thin films heterojunctions deposited by reactive magnetron co-sputtering on photogenerated charges for visible light photocatalysis > M. Mathias GOUTTE





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