Plasma sources and electrical discharges

24 September 2019
Conferences, Oral
SOUR SOUR 14:40 > 15:40 Plasma sources and electrical discharges Antipolis Auditorium SOUR

14:40 SOUR1-O1-059 A novel plasma jet with RF and HF coupled electrodes > A. Alessandro Patelli (Padova) 15:00 SOUR1-O2-072 Bipolar high-power pulsed magnetron sputtering (BPH) of titanium dioxide: influence of electrical parameters on the discharge and film properties > M. Matthieu Michiels (Mons) 15:20 SOUR1-O3-153 HiPIMS electron properties by Thomson uncoherent scattering and PIC-MCC modeling > T. Tiberiu Minea (Orsay)





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