Poster session I & Exhibition Cocktail

24 September 2019
Conferences, Poster
P1 17:20 > 19:00 Poster session I & Exhibition Cocktail Gould Area

until 23:00

DEPO -P1-011 Antifogging surfaces prepared from plasma copolymerization > F. Fabienne Poncin-Epaillard (Le Mans) DEPO -P1-034 A low-temperature (330 &deg;C) deposition of high-performance thermochromic VO<sub>2</sub>-based coatings for smart-window applications > T. Tomáš Bárta (Pilsen) DEPO -P1-038 Growing controllable-crystalline aluminium nitride thin films by plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition at low temperature and its properties > T. Tai Nguyen (Esch-Sur-Alzette) DEPO -P1-040 The role of atomic oxygen in the growth of single phase &beta;-MnO<sub>2</sub> thin films by remote plasma assisted pulsed laser deposition > M. Malek Tabbal (Beirut) DEPO -P1-053 Water stability of organosilicon coatings prepared by atmospheric pressure plane-to-plane dielectric barrier discharge > L. Luc Stafford (Montreal) DEPO -P1-063 Influence of the film thickness on the structure, optical and photocatalytic properties of TiO<sub>2</sub> thin films deposited by ICP-PECVD > W. William Ravisy (Nantes) DEPO -P1-074 Porous silicon double membranes for lithium- ion batteries > C. Chafiaa Yaddaden (Algeria) DEPO -P1-108 Effect of the silicon substrate nitridation on optical and electrical properties of silicon carbonitride thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering > E. Eric Tomasella (Clermont-Ferrand) DEPO -P1-109 Hollow cathode plasma sputtering for coating the 90<sup>o</sup> elbow vacuum chambers of the ELENA antiproton ring at CERN > A. Antonios Sapountzis (Meyrin) DEPO -P1-128 Pulsed Electron Cyclotron Wave Resonance Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition of photocatalytic TiO2 thin films on polymeric substrates > B. Benjamin Dey (Esch Sur Alzette) DEPO -P1-145 Time resolved In situ characterization of deposited SiCN:H thin films obtained in Ar/TMS/N2 dual ECR and RF-PVD by infrared absorption spectroscopy (FTIR) > Z. Ziad Al Hallak (Nancy) DEPO-P1-171 Oblique deposition of nickel thin films by HiPIMS > H. Hamidreza Hajihoseini (Reykjavik) DEPO-P1-181 Organosilicon coatings deposited by cold nitrogen plasma post-discharge for prevention of biofilm formation in food and medical sectors > C. Charafeddine JAMA (Villeneuve-D'ascq) GROM -P1-010 CrN thin film synthesis in Ar/N2 and Ar/NH3, a comparative study > E. Emile Haye (Namur) GROM -P1-044 Reactivity to organic vapors at PECVD PDMS-like surfaces for gas detection and membrane separation > G. Ghadi Dakroub (Montpellier) GROM -P1-083 Prediction of the column tilt angle in GLAD by sputtering > A. Aurélien Besnard (Cluny) GROM -P1-084 Low pressure plasma polymerization of&nbsp; cylclopropylamine in a hollow cathode reactor > S. Stephane Lucas (Namur) GROM -P1-086 PVD large scale growth simulation: Influence of the substrate roughness > A. Aurélien Besnard (Cluny) GROM -P1-098 Preparation of DLC films by microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapour deposition in open-air > H. Hidetsugu Yagi (Matsuyama) GROM -P1-114 Bio-inspired functional coatings on plasma-processed polymeric materials for vehicular interiors > H. Hernando III Salapare (Nice) HELI -P1-085 Surface functionalisation, nanoroughness and drug delivery by atmospheric plasma jet on scaffolds > A. Alessandro Patelli (Padova) INDU -P1-020 Titanium nitrides coating for hard chromium replacement > M. Marjorie Cavarroc (Magny-Les-Hameaux) INDU -P1-136 Atom Probe Tomography Analysis for Additive Manufacturing > A. Anna BUI (Gennevilliers) INDU-P1-188 From Component to System for a Faster Technology > A. Andreea Vasiliu (Flamatt) LIQU -P1-049 Study of the synthesis of nanoparticles in liquid phase enhanced by microsecond plasma discharges at atmospheric pressure > S. Stephane Cuynet (Nancy) SURF -P1-043 Physicochemical modification of spin-coated TiO2 nanoparticle thin film by ICP low pressure oxygen plasma > M. Maria Mitronika (Nantes Cedex 3) SURF -P1-051 Functionalization and characterization study of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOF) by plasma process > A. Aymane Najah (Nancy) SURF -P1-055 The role of SiF4 physisorption in silicon cryoetching > T. Thomas Tillocher (Orléans) SURF -P1-082 Measuring the energy flux at the substrate during plasma based deposition techniques: a way to investigate both the sputtering process and the film growth > A-L. Anne-Lise Thomann (Orléans) SURF -P1-146 Study of interactions between a PMMA support and cold plasma used for thin film deposition. > M. Mohamed Mounder Kouicem (Andrézieux) SURF -P1-148 Etching of Ge-Sb-Se glasses in SF<sub>6</sub> and SF<sub>6</sub>/Ar plasma > T. thibaut Meyer (Nantes Cedex 3) SURF -P1-150 Physicochemical modification of spin-coated silver nanoparticle thin film by atmospheric surface-wave microwave post-discharge > L. Luc Stafford (Montreal) SURF -P1-159 Patterning at micrometric scale of metallic surfaces by plasma etching > F. feriel Laourine (Nancy) TRIB -P1-015 Optimization of Mo-S-N solid lubricant films with improved adhesion and low friction by DC magnetron sputtering. > K. Kaushik Hebbar Kannur (Saint-Etienne) TRIB -P1-030 CHARACTERIZATION OF DUPLEX, NANOCOMPOSITE&nbsp;AND NANOLAYERED THIN FILMS > B. Branko Skoric (Novi Sad) TRIB -P1-068 Study of Cr, CrN, CrAlN monolayers and Cr/CrN/CrAlN multilayers developed by DC magnetron sputtering for mechanical application > C. Corinne Nouveau (Cluny) TRIB -P1-080 Tribological behavior of ZrN/Ta Coatings Deposited by RF Magnetron Sputtering on Ti-6Al-4V and CoCrMo Alloys > C. Corinne Nouveau (Cluny) TRIB -P1-103 <strong><em>Reactive HiPIMS deposition of Ti-Al-N: Influencing the Cubic to Wurtzite phase transition</em></strong> > L. Lukas Zauner (Wien)





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