Industrial hot topics

25 September 2019
Conferences, Oral
INDU INDU 10:30 > 12:10 Industrial hot topics Ella Fitzgerald Room INDU

10:30 INDU1-O1-190 Integrated Atom Probe/tEBSD for Grain Boundary Analysis in a Thermal Barrier Coating > A. Anna BUI (Gennevilliers) 10:50 INDU1-O2-028 PECVD/ECR/HWCVD multichamber system with robotic substrate handling system for deposition of thin film electronic devices. > P. Paolo Rava (Serignan Du Comtat) 11:10 INDU1-O3-167 Facilitated sputter deposition processing of nitrides, oxides, ceramics, TCO’s and other complex thin films by using a refined power supply technology > G. Gerhard Eichenhofer (Offenbrug) 11:30 INDU1-O4-138 Advanced HIPIMS coatings through Kick pulse technologyAdvanced HIPIMS coatings through Kick pulse technology > J. Jason Hrebik (Jefferson Hills) 11:50 INDU1-O5-021 High temperature oxidation protection of g-based TiAl by sputtered Al-O-F films > M. Marjorie Cavarroc (Magny-Les-Hameaux)





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