Thin films growth and modelling - Part 1/2

25 September 2019
Conferences, Oral
GROM GROM1 14:40 > 15:40 Thin films growth and modelling - Part 1/2 Antipolis Auditorium GROM

14:40 GROM1-O1-007 Hot target magnetron sputtering applied to oxide thin film growth > R. Robin Graillot Vuillecot (Orleans) 15:00 GROM1-O2-036 Controlling surface morphology and properties by nanocrystalline/amorphous competitive growth in thin films > A. Alejandro BORROTO (Nancy) 15:20 GROM1-O3-081 Virtual Coater: On the implementation of specific algorithms to predict and optimize coating uniformity on 3D parts in motion > M. Martin Evrard (Namur)





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