Plasma and liquids

25 September 2019
Conferences, Oral
LIQU LIQU 14:40 > 15:40 Plasma and liquids Ella Fitzgerald Room LIQU

14:40 LIQU1-O1-042 Internal micro-discharges during the plasma Electrolytic Oxidation process: evidence and effects on the coating formation > V. Vitalios Ntomprougkidis (Nancy) 15:00 LIQU1-O2-123 Synthesis and electrocatalytic behavior of Pt-based nano-catalyst obtained via magnetron sputtering onto vegetal glycerin > V. Vanessa Orozco (Orléans) 15:20 LIQU1-O3-031 Synergy between Cold Atmospheric Plasma and Nano-Photocatalyst for Pharmaceuticals Removal in Drinking Water > M. Mohamed El Shaer (Cairo)





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