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Overview Program

Plenary talks will take place in the Ampthiteater Antipolis / Poster sessions, exhibition, coffee breaks & lunches are located in the Gould area


  DEPO Plasma - deposited coatings for optical, electronical & other functionalities
  GROM Thin films growth and modelling
  HELI Health and life science
  ITEC Innovations & Technologies
  LIQU Plasma and liquids
  NANO Nanomaterials and nanostructured thin films
  PROC Process control (including plasma diagnostics, plasma modelling)
  SOUR Plasma sources and electrical discharges
  SURF  Plasma - surface interactions
  TRIB Plasma - deposited protective and tribological coatings


Detailed Program

Monday, 11 September 2023
Tutorial #1 09:00 > 10:40 Nonequilibrium kinetics of molecular plasmas Miles Davis room
  • Prof : V. Vasco GUERRA (Lisboa)
CB 10:40 > 11:00 Coffee break Mediterranean area
Tutorial #2 11:00 > 12:40 Atomistic understanding of thin film growth dynamics Miles Davis room
  • Prof : G. Gregory ABADIAS (Poitiers)
LU 12:40 > 14:20 Lunches
Tutorial #3 14:20 > 16:00 High resolution VUV absorption spectroscopy @ the synchrotron SOLEIL: an efficient diagnostic for plasma physics Miles Davis room
  • Profs : S. Stéphane BÉCHU (Chantesse), N. Nelson DE OLIVEIRA (Saint Aubin)
CB 16:00 > 16:20 Coffee break Mediterranean area
Tutorial #4 16:20 > 18:00 Plasmas roadmapping: looking forward and looking back Miles Davis room
  • Prof : M. Miles TURNER (Dublin)
WR 18:30 > 20:00 Welcome reception Mediterranée area
Tuesday, 12 September 2023
REG 08:30 > 09:10 Registration & Badge pick up Welcome Desk
OC 09:10 > 09:25 Opening ceremony Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chairpersons : C. Corinne CHAMPEAUX (LIMOGES), L. Lenka ZAJICKOVA (Brno)
SURF SURF 09:25 > 10:05 Plasma-surface interactions Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chair : L. Lenka ZAJICKOVA (Brno)
09:25 PL1 Plasma-surface interactions of atomic-layer processing toward sub-nm node semiconductor devices > S. Satoshi HAMAGUCHI (Osaka)
CB 10:05 > 10:35 Coffee break Gould area
SURF SURF 1 10:35 > 12:15 Plasma-surface interactions 1 Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chair : S. Satoshi HAMAGUCHI (Osaka)
10:35 SURF1-O1-019 Gas- and plasma-surface interactions in cryogenic conditions: a quasi in situ XPS study on Si substrates > C. Christophe CARDINAUD (NANTES) 10:55 SURF1-O2-034 Selective cryoetching plasma process of Si3N4 > R. Rémi DUSSART (Orléans) 11:15 SURF1-O3-049 Photoresist removal in MEMS fabrication process with HDRF®, optimized chemistry by adding hydrogen radical in oxygen process > M. Marc SEGERS (Bernin) 11:35 SURF1-O4-108 Effects of the substitution of Ar by Kr in ALE process of GaN > C. Cédric MANNEQUIN (Nantes) 11:55 SURF1-O5-081 Impact of temperature towards the reduction of C4F8 passivating gas-flow during bosch processing > J. Jack NOS (Orléans)
DEPO DEPO 1 10:35 > 12:15 Plasma-deposited coatings for optical, electronical and other functionalities 1 Ella Fitzgerald room
  • Chair : G. Gregory ABADIAS (Poitiers)
10:35 DEPO1-O1-015 Properties of a new TiTaZrHfW(-N) refractory high entropy film deposited by reactive DC pulsed magnetron sputtering > A. Abdelhakim BOUISSIL (Chaumont) 10:55 DEPO1-O2-045 Chemical and physical properties of gold-boron Laser Mégajoule target components coated by sputtering Physical Vapor Deposition > E. Etienne BRUN (IS-SUR-TILLE) 11:15 DEPO1-O3-150 PVD coating on metallic powders: an innovative metallurgical process > A. Aurélien BESNARD (Cluny) 11:35 DEPO1-O4-051 Group III-nitride semiconductor materials made by low temperature plasma based Atomic Layer Deposition > N. Noureddine ADJEROUD (Esch sur Alzette) 11:55 DEPO1-O5-115 Engineering multifunctional thin films by plasma copolymerization > A. Asma RIAHI (Mulhouse)
LU 12:30 > 14:00 Lunch Gould area
SOUR SOUR 14:00 > 14:40 Plasma sources and electrical discharges Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chair : L. Luc STAFFORD (Montréal (Québec))
14:00 PL2 Electrical characterization of barrier discharges: linking fundamentals and applications > R. Ronny BRANDENBURG (Greifswald)
SOUR SOUR 1 14:45 > 15:25 Plasma sources and electrical discharges 1 Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chair : L. Luc STAFFORD (Montréal (Québec))
14:45 SOUR1-O1-048 Self-organization of HiPIMS plasma investigated by high-speed camera > M. Matjaz PANJAN (Ljubljana) 15:05 SOUR1-O2-084 Angular distribution of ions and neutrals in High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering of titanium > J. Joel FISCHER (Linköping)
DEPO DEPO 2 14:45 > 15:45 Plasma-deposited coatings for optical, electronical and other functionalities 2 Ella Fitzgerald room
  • Chair : M. Mireille RICHARD-PLOUET (Nantes)
14:45 DEPO2-O1-058 Plasma polymer-metal composites: relations between chemical structure, topography and electrical properties > P. Paul LOTTIN (Le Mans) 15:05 DEPO2-O2-074 Double tube configuration of atmospheric pressure plasma jet for deposition of organic coatings in open air > F. Farzaneh AREFI-KHONSARI (PARIS) 15:25 DEPO2-O3-161 Environmentally-friendly plasma polymers to get durable water-repellent textile fabrics: a comprehensive study on coating structure-performance relationship > F. Florence BALLY-LE GALL (Mulhouse)
PROC PROC 1 15:25 > 15:45 Process control 1 Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chair : L. Luc STAFFORD (Montréal (Québec))
15:25 PROC1-O1-163 A comparison between simulation & experimental results of a low-pressure Argon plasma generated by ECR > Y. Youcef FERMI (DECINES CHARPIEU)
CB 15:45 > 16:15 Coffee break Gould area
PROC PROC 2 16:15 > 17:25 Process control 2 Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chair : S. Stéphane BÉCHU (Chantesse)
16:15 PROC2-K1-088 Studying the transport of atoms sputtered from a compound NBC target in HiPIMS discharges: plasma diagnostics and modelling > T. Tomas KOZAK (Plzen) 16:45 PROC2-O1-082 Sputtered atom density – target heating correlation in hot magnetron sputtering discharge > K. Kseniia LEONOVA (Mons) 17:05 PROC2-O2-169 Characterization of a helium micro-plasma jet by means of ps-TALIF and a streak camera > K. Kristaq GAZELI (Villetaneuse)
NANO NANO 1 16:15 > 17:25 Nanomaterials and nanostructured thin films Ella Fitzgerald room
  • Chair : R. Richard CLERGEREAUX (Toulouse)
16:15 NANO1-K1-121 Investigation by TEM and XPS of the thermal stability of multi-layer solar selective absorber > M. Mireille RICHARD-PLOUET (Nantes) 16:45 NANO1-O1-140 Pulsed laser processes for the development of gold/silver nanocomposites for plasmonic applications > M. Manon GIREAU (Limoges) 17:05 NANO1-O2-102 Influence of Cu nanoparticles addition on fracture properties of sputter deposited nanostructured refractory MoNbTaVW HEA coatings > M. Michal ZITEK (Leoben)
ITEC ITEC 1 17:30 > 18:30 Innovation & Technologies Ella Fitzgerald room
  • Chair : C. Corinne CHAMPEAUX (LIMOGES)
17:30 ITEC1-O1-006 A plasma for multidimensional elemental and molecular analysis of surfaces & interfaces > P. Patrick CHAPON (Palaiseau) 17:45 ITEC1-O2-009 Advanced patterning – ion beam etching for nano structuring > M. Manuela LOETSCH (Chemnitz) 18:00 ITEC1-O3-172 Advanced retarding field energy analyzer for accurate measurement of ion energy and flux in plasma-assisted thin film deposition tools > T. Thomas GILMORE (Dublin) 18:15 ITEC1-O4-151 How to identify the optimal plasma treatment length for different surfaces > V. Véronique Schloupt (METZ)
SOUR PS 1 17:30 > 19:30 Poster session 1 Gould area
DEPO-P1-018 Effect of interfacial SiNX ultra-thin film on optical and electrical properties of PVD antireflective coating > B. Beji HIBA (Clermont-Ferrand) DEPO-P1-026 Effect of Tantalum addition on properties of Cu–Zr–based Thin Film Metallic Glasses (TFMGs) > S. Soufyane ACHACHE (Nogent) DEPO-P1-039 Development and characterization of chromium-based PVD coatings for the protection of stainless steel bipolar plates for PEM fuel cells > J. JORDI ORRIT-PRAT (MANRESA) DEPO-P1-067 Tailoring surface properties of Zr-V thin films by competitive self-separation of crystalline and amorphous phases during sputtering > R. Raya EL BEAINOU (Nancy) DEPO-P1-182 Synthesis of Multifunctional Flexible Zn-Al Based Oxide Thin Film with Antibacterial and Moisture Barrier Properties using Atomic Layer Deposition System > J. JiHo EOM (DaeJeon) DEPO-P1-193 Impact of plasma assistance on SiO2 and HfO2 thin films physicochemical and photometric aging properties > A. Arthur SOUTENAIN (Le Barp) DEPO-P1-197 Sputtering Techniques for Smart Textiles > D. Dirk HEGEMANN (St. Gallen) DEPO-P1-207 Using evaporation to create hydrophobic coating GROM-P1-063 Depth Resolved XRD Measurements using in-situ XRD during Ion Beam Sputtering > S. Stephan MÄNDL (Leipzig) GROM-P1-123 "MISSTIC": a multi-tool experimental setup for magnetron sputtering deposition combined with in situ and real-time characterization > H. hervé MONTIGAUD (Aubervilliers) GROM-P1-126 Augmented reality representation for the investigation of simulated inclined chromium thin films > N. Noé WATIEZ (Cluny) GROM-P1-149 Chromium carbide coatings by DC sputtering of a sintered target. > A. Aurélien BESNARD (Cluny) GROM-P1-199 Ion beam sputter deposition of epitaxial Ga2O3 thin films on c-plane Al2O3 > D. Dmitry KALANOV (Leipzig) HELIAG-P1-044 Polysaccharide coatings for urinary catheters > A. Alenka VESEL (Ljubljana) HELIAG-P1-099 Plasma Polymer Coatings of Non-planar Materials for Bioapplications > L. Lucie JANŮ (Brno) HELIAG-P1-101 Towards a development of integrated micro-electro-apta-sensors into a diabetes organoid-on-a-chip device. > A. Axelle AUBERT (GREnoble) HELIAG-P1-177 Influence of varying plasma parameters on the response of MG-63 osteoblast-like cells onto poly(allylamine) thin films > H. Hernando III SALAPARE (Mulhouse) HELIAG-P1-203 Investigation of toxicity of Plasma Activated Water on Lemna Minor > N. Nevena PUAC (Belgrade) ITEC-P1-107 Industrial Technology for ta-C Coatings Deposition > J. Jan KLUSON (Sumperk) ITEC-P1-110 Innovative conformal deposition solution into TSV integration for oxide, nitride, and metal layers by pulsed liquid precursor injection > P-D. Pierre-David SZKUTNIK (Bernin) NANO-P1-017 Localized laser texturing of passivating nano-layer deposited by PVD for industrial olfactory sensors applications > W. William RAVISY (Andrézieux-Bouthéon) NANO-P1-096 Zirconium-based nanocatalysts by sputtering onto glycerol and solid carbon > S. Soumya ATMANE (orleans) NANO-P1-132 Direct Liquid Reactor-Injector of Nanoparticles: a safer-by-design aerosol injection for nanocomposite thin-film deposition adapted to various plasma-assisted processes  > R. Richard CLERGEREAUX (Toulouse) NANO-P1-144 Optical and structural analysis of silicon nitride co-doped with erbium and ytterbium > A. Afaf BRIK () NANO-P1-194 Structural and chemical characterizations of nanostructured cermet aluminium oxy-nitride / copper films > M. Mireille RICHARD-PLOUET (Nantes) NANO-P1-202 Synthesis of ultra-thin film MAA:PEGDMA hydrogels with customized properties by atmospheric pressure plasma > J. Jordi SANS (Esch/Alzette) PROC-P1-098 Optical diagnostics of a N2/Ar microplasma for the deposition of hexagonal Boron Nitride. > B. Belkacem MENACER (Villetaneuse) PROC-P1-129 Tuning plasma-droplet interactions in dielectric barrier discharge at atmospheric pressure for thin-film deposition  > L. Luc STAFFORD (Montréal (Québec)) PROC-P1-131 Time-Resolved Optical Emission Spectroscopy Analysis of a low-pressure RF Plasma with Pulsed Injection of Argon, Pentane, and ZnO Nanoparticles > M. Marguerite DION (Montréal) PROC-P1-137 Developing a method with optical emission spectroscopy to control thin layer in R-HiPIMS deposition process > D. Dimitri BOIVIN (Orléans) PROC-P1-142 Study of N2/H2 plasmas produced by an active screen source: contamination due to NO production and role of hydrogen in the gas mixture. > R. Robert HUGON (Nancy) PROC-P1-174 Impact of electronegativity and monoenergetic electrons on the properties of electrostatic sheaths in magnetized discharge plasmas. > S. Samir CHEKOUR (ALGER) PROC-P1-185 Pulsed aerosol assisted plasma deposition: influence of the injection parameters > R. Richard CLERGEREAUX (Toulouse) PROC-P1-189 In-Situ Temperature Measurement of Components in PECVD Machines with a 3-Fold Rotation > P. Paul JÄCKH (Stuttgart) PROC-P1-195 Equivalent electrical circuit modeling of a He dielectric barrier discharge plasma jet > M. Marija PUAČ (Belgrade) SOUR-P1-143 Dynamics of the material ejection in a dipolar arc in DC regime and its connection to the arc noise > R. Robert HUGON (Nancy) SOUR-P1-152 O2 shielding modulates the spatiotemporal density of Ar(1s5) in argon atmospheric-pressure micro-plasma jets > J. Joao SANTOS SOUSA (Orsay) SOUR-P1-158 New micro-plasma reactors for the synthesis of heterostructures of 2D films of hexagonal Boron Nitride and Graphene > A-A. Abd-Almalik HALFAOUI (Orsay)
IE 19:30 > 22:30 Industrial evening Gould area
Wednesday, 13 September 2023
NANO NANO 08:40 > 09:20 Nanomaterials and nanostructured thin films Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chair : T. Thierry BELMONTE (NANCY)
08:40 PL3 Nonthermal plasma synthesis of photonic silicon nanocrystals > U. Uwe KORTSHAGEN (Minneapolis)
NANO NANO 2 09:25 > 10:05 Nanomaterials and nanostructured thin films 2 Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chair : F. Farzaneh AREFI-KHONSARI (PARIS)
09:25 NANO2-O1-100 ZnO nanoparticles thin films and evolution of their photoluminescence under oxygen plasma treatment > J. Julien CHEVET (Nantes) 09:45 NANO2-O2-075 Optical study of metallic nanoparticles generated by thin-layer ion irradiation > V. Valentin GOFFINET (Charleroi)
DEPO DEPO 3 09:25 > 10:05 Plasma-deposited coatings for optical, electronical and other functionalities 3 Ella Fitzgerald room
  • Chair : T. Thierry BELMONTE (NANCY)
09:25 DEPO3-O1-040 VN coatings for supercapacitor, an innovative approach to improve stability > E. Emile HAYE (NAMUR) 09:45 DEPO3-O2-065 Plasma-assisted segregation of self-grown catalytic nanoparticles in perovskites for H2 production by photoelectrocatalysis > T. Thomas GRIES (Nancy)
CB 10:05 > 10:35 Coffee break Gould area
NANO NANO 3 10:35 > 12:15 Nanomaterials and nanostructured thin films 5 Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chair : U. Uwe KORTSHAGEN (Minneapolis)
10:35 NANO3-O1-073 Plasmonic Cu nanoparticles embedded in semiconductor heterostructures for photoconversion applications > Y. Yerila RODRIGUEZ-MARTINEZ (Nancy) 10:55 NANO3-O2-092 Development of a microwave microplasma process for the elaboration of nanodiamonds > A. Abdoulaye SIBY (Villetaneuse) 11:15 NANO3-O3-076 Dielectric barrier discharge in nitrogen for the realization of nanocomposite layers using multifrequency excitation and gold salt precursors > E. Elene BIZERAY (Toulouse Cedex 09) 11:35 NANO3-O4-120 Synthesis of gold/polymer nanocomposites in an atmospheric pressure plasma > A. Alexandre PERDRAU (PERPIGNAN) 11:55 NANO3-O5-146 Au nanoparticles decoration of different TiO2 nanostructures using atmospheric pressure cold plasma > A. Andjelika Bjelajac (Esch-sur-Alzette)
DEPO DEPO 4 10:35 > 12:15 Plasma-deposited coatings for optical, electronical and other functionalities 4 Ella Fitzgerald room
  • Chair : L. Ludvik MARTINU (Montreal)
10:35 DEPO4-O1-079 W/W-SiCH/TaOXNY solar selective absorber coatings for concentrated solar power > A. Amine Mahammou (Perpignan) 10:55 DEPO4-O2-148 PVD coatings for PEMFC bipolar plates functionalization > M-A. Marie-Alix LEROY (Andrézieux-Bouthéon) 11:15 DEPO4-O3-128 Characterization of CuBi2O4 thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering > L. Lionel PRESMANES (Toulouse) 11:35 DEPO4-O4-166 High-rate reactive deposition of ultrawide bandgap Ga2O3 by liquid metal target sputtering > J. Juris PURANS (Riga) 11:55 DEPO4-O5-124 Non-equilibrium synthesis of Si1-XMnX thin films for magnetic application > A. Adrian BENEDIT-CÁRDENAS (Nancy)
LU 12:30 > 14:00 Lunch Gould area
PLACC PLACC 14:00 > 14:40 Plasmas for conversion and catalysis Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chair : R. Ronny BRANDENBURG (Greifswald)
14:00 PL4 Plasma-assisted CO2 recycling: investigation on volume and surface kinetic > T. Tiago SILVA (Lisbon)
PLACC PLACC 1 14:45 > 16:05 Plasmas for conversion and catalysis 1 Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chair : T. Tiago SILVA (Lisbon)
14:45 PLACC1-O1-133 Interplay of transport, plasma concentration and chemistry in microwave discharges > G. Gerard VAN ROOIJ (Maastricht) 15:05 PLACC1-O2-119 Plasma-assisted CO2 hydrogenation over Ir/TiO2 catalytic thin films in a DBD reactor > J. Joseph Gregory (Coventry) 15:25 PLACC1-O3-173 Discharges in honeycomb monoliths and capillary tubes > K. Karol HENSEL (Bratislava) 15:45 PLACC1-O4-027 Synthesis and effect of BiVO4 thin films heterojunctions deposited by reactive magnetron co-sputtering on photogenerated charges for visible light photocatalysis > M. Mathias GOUTTE (Clermont-Ferrand)
HELIAG HELIAG 1 14:45 > 16:05 Plasmas for health, agriculture and life science Ella Fitzgerald room
  • Chair : R. Ronny BRANDENBURG (Greifswald)
14:45 HELIAG1-O1-037 Bactericidal surface treatments for dental implants based on silver and copper MEVVA ion co-implantation > R. Raul BONET (MANRESA) 15:05 HELIAG1-O2-093 Combination of plasma-polymer thin films and topography to limit bacterial adhesion > A. Amelia WHITELEY (Grenoble) 15:25 HELIAG1-O3-122 Investigation of the antibacterial properties of silver-doped amorphous carbon coatings produced by low pressure magnetron assisted acetylene discharges > V. Valentin JOB (Namur) 15:45 HELIAG1-O4-153 The role of short- and long-lived reactive species on the anti-cancer action of plasma-treated liquids: in vitro and in vivo applications > J. Joao SANTOS SOUSA (Orsay)
CB 16:05 > 16:35 Coffee break Gould area
ITEC ITEC 2 16:35 > 17:35 Innovation & Technologies Ella Fitzgerald room
  • Chair : J. Joao SANTOS SOUSA (Orsay)
ITEC2-O1-030 DLC coatings with tailorable functionalities as a function of SP3/SP2 hybridization > B. Biplab PAUL (Selzach) ITEC2-O2-168 Optical emission spectroscopy of carbon plasma discharged by constant pulse current High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering > A. Anna W. ONISZCZUK (Zielonka) ITEC2-O3-078 Optimized cylindrical inertial electrostatic confinement plasma source for thin film applications > D. Dominik TIEDEMANN (Stuttgart) ITEC2-O4-125 Deposition of SiOX based functional thin films for adhesion promotion and corrosion resistance using atmospheric pressure plasma jet > D. Dhia BENSALEM (Steinhagen) ITEC2-O5-171 Remote optical gas sensing to improve plasma and thin film quality & repeatability > N. Nessima KAABECHE (Liverpool)
TRIB PS 2 16:35 > 18:30 Poster session 2 Gould area
DEPO-P2-021 Plasma magnetron sputtering using combinatorial approach to deposit complex alloys thin films > D. Dimitri BOIVIN (Orléans) DEPO-P2-032 Solar-blind photodetectors based on β-Ga2O3 fabricated by oxygen plasma assisted-pulsed laser deposition   > E. EUN KYU KIM (Seoul) DEPO-P2-090 Plasma decontamination of surfaces using a microwave torch – assessment of the additional role of a TiO2 photocatalytic layer > C. Christelle DUBLANCHE-TIXIER (LIMOGES) DEPO-P2-094 Elaboration and characterization of WO3/TiO2 nanostructured photoanodes for solar water splitting > T. Timothee LANG (Paris) DEPO-P2-130 Superelastic TiZrNb and TiZrNbSn coatings for biomedical applications > G. Gregory ABADIAS (Poitiers) DEPO-P2-183 Fabrication of High-Quality Moisture Barrier Film using SiNx/SiOF/SiNx via Pilot-Scale Roll-to-Roll PECVD System > T. TAE YEON CHO (Daejeon) DEPO-P2-198 Thin-Film Hydrogels Deposited by Atmospheric-Pressure Nano-second Plasma-Induced Polymerization of MAA:EGDMA > I. Ingrid AZEVEDO GONCALVES (Esch-sur-Alzette) DEPO-P2-208 Synthesis and characterization of chromium doped VO2 thin films for new applications > C. Corinne CHAMPEAUX (LIMOGES) GROM-P2-007 The influence of structural design on the properties of TiN coatings > D. Daniel MUNTEANU (Brasov) GROM-P2-070 Modelling of thin film deposition into nanofibrous mats > D. David NEČAS (Brno) GROM-P2-127 Analyse of the angular distribution of the columns of chromium tilted thin films through a comprehensive simulation > N. Noé WATIEZ (Cluny) GROM-P2-134 Biased reactive high power impulse sputtering of silica > G. György SÁFRÁN (Budapest) LIQU-P2-178 Influence of σ and ε on the streamer dynamics at water surface > A. Ahmad HAMDAN (Montreal) LIQU-P2-192 Plasma assisted modification of colloidal Zn nanoparticles > K. Kinga KUTASI (Budapest) LIQU-P2-200 Can process parameters significantly influence the size of Silver nanoparticles synthesized by sputtering onto liquids? > H. Heloise LASFARGUES (Aachen) NANO-P2-029 Creation of pure and homogeneous carbon nanoparticles from laser-induced carbon vapors > A. Agata KACZMAREK (Warszawa) NANO-P2-054 GLAD sputtering of nanostructured Ta thin films: Influence of deposition angle on electrical resistivity at cryogenic temperature > H. Hamidreza GERAMI (Besançon) NANO-P2-072 Galvanic corrosion-based antibacterial bimetallic nanoparticles produced by cylindrical gas aggregation source > N. Natalia KHOMIAKOVA (Prague) NANO-P2-118 Laser beam nanostructuring of gadolinium-doped cerium oxide (GDC) oxide thin films deposited by plasma magnetron sputtering > A-L. Anne-Lise THOMANN (Orléans) NANO-P2-190 Plasma Assisted Nitriding of 2D transition metal carbide (MXene) thin films > L. Luc PICHON (POITIERS Cedex 9) NANO-P2-204 Yttria‐stabilized Zirconia thin films prepared by Radio Frequency magnetron sputtering for Oxygen Sensors > A. Amira BENAYACHE (Marseille) PLACC-P2-014 Synthesis of Nanoparticles by reactive magnetron sputtering on Ionic Liquid for photocatalytic applications, from metallic to Bi-based compound nanoparticles. > A. Angélique BOUSQUET (Aubière) PLACC-P2-047 Dissociation of ammonia by microwave discharges in medium pressure range: an experimental study. > M. Majed AWAJI (Nancy) PLACC-P2-186 Discharge initiated synthesis of molecular life precursors in carbon monoxide based atmospheres > F. Frantisek KRCMA (Brno) PLACC-P2-205 Impact of water on atmospheric plasma ethanol conversion for hydrogen production using nano-pulsed plasma reactor > D. Dane LOJEN (Bruxelles) SURF-P2-059 In-situ FTIR spectroscopic analysis of plasma activation and plasma polymer film deposition on polylactid acid > H. Hendrik MÜLLER (Paderborn) SURF-P2-136 How to functionalize PVD ZrCu-based thin film metallic glasses? Effect of an ultrashort laser surface treatment > P. Philippe STEYER (Villeurbanne) SURF-P2-138 Functionalization of MIL-53(Al) by means of ECR plasma treatment: a feasibility study > G. Grégory MARCOS (Nancy) SURF-P2-155 Increasing the hydrogen storage capacities of MIL-53 Al by amino-grafting functionalization using an impulse dielectric barrier discharge plasma > A. Aymane NAJAH (Bourges) SURF-P2-157 Plasma surface modification of glass and stainless steel by an atmospheric-pressure air DBD treatment > A. Aymane NAJAH (Bourges) SURF-P2-159 Study by optical emission spectroscopy (OES) of the characteristics of the plasma jet produced by an Axial Injection torch (TIA): influence of a substrate placed on the jet axis > C. Christophe CHAZELAS (LIMOGES) SURF-P2-181 Towards Accurate Sputtering Simulations: Developing Machine Learning-Based Interatomic Potentials for Silicon > Y. Yudai KOTANI (Osaka) SURF-P2-184 Surface wettability modification of polyimide films by pulsed magnetron sputtering > M. Maria BARRERA (Dresden) SURF-P2-187 Advancing NH3 Sensing with Plasma Reduction of Graphene Oxide > A. Ardita KURTISHAJ (Ljubljana) SURF-P2-188 Hydrogen plasma reduction of regolith simulant > J. Joris KADOK (ESCH-SUR-ALZETTE) TRIB-P2-013 Mechanical properties and tribological performances of AlTiZrTaHf(-N) high entropy nitrides deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering > M. Mohamed EL GARAH (Nogent) TRIB-P2-038 Development and characterization of ultra-hard DLC coatings for high quality machining of high strength aluminium alloys > J. Jaume CARO (MANRESA) TRIB-P2-056 Properties of tungsten-tantalum diboride coatings deposited by High power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) > R. Rafał PSIUK (Warsaw) TRIB-P2-066 Comparison of high-temperature tribological properties in different high-entropy sublattice ceramic coatings > A. Andreas KRETSCHMER (Vienna) TRIB-P2-083 Effect of annealing temperature on morphological and microstructural properties of CrN-MoN multilayers deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering > R. Rubenson MAREUS (Orléans) TRIB-P2-114 Zirconium-based thin film metallic glasses prepared by magnetron sputtering > P. Pavel SOUCEK (Brno) TRIB-P2-156 Increasing the thickness of sputtered Cr films by HiPIMS-DOMS  > S. Sunday Adeniyi ADEBAYO (Coimbra) TRIB-P2-176 Influence of temperature on the properties of W-Ti-B coatings deposited with the HiPIMS method > T. Tomasz MOSCICKI (Warsaw) TRIB-P2-201 Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation of additively manufactured AlSi10Mg alloy  > P. Paula BRONISZEWSKA-WOJDAT (Warsaw)
Thursday, 14 September 2023
PROC PROC 08:40 > 09:20 Process control Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chair : D. Dirk HEGEMANN (St. Gallen)
08:40 PL5 Low temperature plasmas for conductive carbons and multimaterials > E. Eva KOVACEVIC (Orléans)
PROC PROC 3 09:25 > 10:05 Process control 3 Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chair : D. Dirk HEGEMANN (St. Gallen)
09:25 PROC3-O1-061 Investigation of ionized metal flux fraction at industrial conditions > P. Petr VAŠINA (Brno) 09:45 PROC3-O2-071 Study of the ion energy distribution in the ALE process of GaN > T. Thomas TILLOCHER (Orléans)
GROM GROM 1 09:25 > 10:05 Thin films growth and modelling 1 Ella Fitzgerald room
  • Chair : R. Rony SNYDERS (Mons)
09:25 GROM1-O2-160 Molecular dynamics approach for the calculation of surface loss probabilities during the growth of C:H films from an argon-methane plasma > G. Glenn Christopher OTAKANDZA KANDJANI (Orléans) 09:45 GROM1-O1-116 Multi-level investigation of the formation of silicide interface during Cu/Si energetic deposition process; a combined ab-initio, molecular dynamic, in-situ stress measurement and kinetic monte carlo simulation study > C. Cédric MASTAIL (FUTUROSCOPE CHASSENEUIL)
CB 10:05 > 10:35 Coffee break Gould area
PROC PROC 4 10:35 > 12:15 Process control 4 Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chair : E. Eva KOVACEVIC (Orléans)
10:35 PROC4-O1-033 Plasma chemical reactions governed by the specific energy input > D. Dirk HEGEMANN (St. Gallen) 10:55 PROC4-O2-095 Analysis of low-pressure misty plasma processes by Optical Emission Spectroscopy > A. Agnes GRANIER (NANTES) 11:15 PROC4-O3-105 How carbon nanoparticles affect the behaviour of the plasma electrolytic oxidation process > L. Lucas MAGNIEZ (Nancy) 11:35 PROC4-O4-087 Nanocrystalline diamond coatings of titanium and titanium alloys for biomedical applications using distributed antenna array microwave system > A. Azadeh VALINATAJ OMRAN 11:55 PROC4-O5-055 Reduction of oxide using an electron cyclotron wave resonance Ar/H2 plasma - towards lunar raw materials use for H2O production > M. Marko SIKIRIC (Esch-sur-Alzette)
GROM GROM 2 10:35 > 12:15 Thin films growth and modelling 2 Ella Fitzgerald room
  • Chair : R. Rony SNYDERS (Mons)
10:35 GROM2-O1-112 Nanostructured plasma polymers from citronellal: the role of substrate’s chemistry > J. Jamerson OLIVEIRA (Mulhouse) 10:55 GROM2-O2-046 Polymerization mechanisms in complex geometries using HMDSO low-pressure plasmas > P. Paula NAVASCUES (St. Gallen) 11:15 GROM2-O3-147 Boron-carbon thin films deposited via Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition (PE-ALD) > N. Neil Richard INNIS (Villeurbanne) 11:35 GROM2-O4-035 Study of III-V thin films growth directly on silicon by remote-plasma CVD: towards a reduction in solar cell industrialisation costs > L. Lise WATRIN (Palaiseau) 11:55 GROM2-O5-053 Sputtering and annealing of Mg2SiO4 films as proxy of pristine component of the solar system > V. Vincent GUIGOZ (Valbonne)
LUNCH 12:30 > 14:00 Lunch Gould area
LIQU LIQU 14:45 > 15:45 Plasma and liquids Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chair : V. Vasco GUERRA (Lisboa)
14:00 PL6 How reactive species from cold plasma are transported into liquid water bulk/aerosol > Z. Zdenko MACHALA (Bratislava) 14:45 LIQUI1-O1-077 Gas phase properties and plasma-liquid interactions during DC and pulsed sputtering onto glycerol > S. Soumya ATMANE (orleans) 15:05 LIQUI1-O2-016 Atmospheric pressure plasma jet in contact with a liquid for the formation of silver and gold nanoparticles and their applicatio > T. Tatiana HABIB (Albi) 15:25 LIQUI1-O3-011 Growth mechanism of nanosheets by discharges in liquids > T. Thierry BELMONTE (NANCY)
TRIB TRIB 1 14:45 > 15:45 Plasma - deposited protective and tribological coatings 1 Ella Fitzgerald room
  • Chair : P. Philippe STEYER (Villeurbanne)
14:45 TRIB1-O1-060 Synthesis and characterization of the ceramic refractory metal high entropy carbide thin films from the Cr-Hf-Mo-Ta-W system > S. Stanislava DEBNAROVA (Brno) 15:05 TRIB1-O2-206 High-power-density sputtering of industrial-scale targets: case study of (Al,Cr)N > F. Fedor KLIMASHIN (Thun) 15:25 TRIB1-O3-020 Oxidation resistance and mechanical properties of AlTiZrHfTa(-N) high entropy films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering > D. Djallel Eddine TOUAIBIA (Nogent)
CB 15:45 > 16:15 Coffee break Gould area
GROM GROM 3 16:15 > 18:05 Thin films growth and modelling 3 Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chair : E. Emile HAYE (NAMUR)
16:15 GROM3-K1-025 Growth mechanism of metallic foams synthetized by plasma electrolysis deposition: a numerical study > B. Benjamin DUFOUR (Nancy) 16:45 GROM3-O1-041 In situ study of the amorphous-to-crystalline phase transformation of thermochromic SmNiO3-δ thin films > Z. Zil FERNANDEZ-GUTIERREZ (Nancy) 17:05 GROM3-O2-031 Growth manipulation strategies of ultrathin metallic layers aided by in situ and real-time diagnostics > G. Gregory ABADIAS (Poitiers) 17:25 GROM3-O3-117 Study on the effects of N2 addition during Ag thin film sputtering deposition, using in situ and real-time measurements > R. Ramiro ZAPATA (Aubervilliers) 17:45 GROM3-O4-062 Initial phase formation during nitriding of austenitic stainless steel > D. Darina MANOVA (Leipzig)
TRIB TRIB 2 16:15 > 18:05 Plasma - deposited protective and tribological coatings 2 Ella Fitzgerald room
  • Chair : T. thierry CZERWIEC (NANCY)
16:15 TRIB2-K1-162 A small-scale approach to characterize Ti-based thin films tribological behavior in operando conditions > P. Philippe STEYER (Villeurbanne) 16:45 TRIB2-O1-141 Neon enhanced plasma ionization in Cr films deposition by HiPIMS-DOMS > J. Joao OLIVEIRA (Coimbra) 17:05 TRIB2-O2-043 Tribological characterization of TiO2 thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering: the link between color change and TiO2 wear > S. Sarah MARION (Saint-Etienne) 17:25 TRIB2-O3-111 Revisiting the mechanical properties of TiB2±Z thin films grown from DCMS and HiPIMS > L. Ludwig ENZLBERGER (Vienna) 17:45 TRIB2-O4-113 Role of Ti-Al-based thin films modified wettability on heat transfer exchange during droplet impact onto a heated surface > A. Alexis Carlos GARCÍA WONG (Nancy)
CD 19:30 > 22:30 Conference dinner cocktail Gould area
Friday, 15 September 2023
DEPO DEPO 08:40 > 09:20 Plasma-deposited coatings for optical, electronical and other functionalities Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chair : A. Agnes GRANIER (NANTES)
08:40 PL 7 Surface engineering for sustainable future: multifunctional coatings for optics, energy, aerospace and manufacturing applications > L. Ludvik MARTINU (Montreal)
DEPO DEPO 5 09:25 > 10:05 Plasma-deposited coatings for optical, electronical and other functionalities 5 Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chair : A. Agnes GRANIER (NANTES)
09:25 DEPO5-O1-167 VO2 thin films for thermal devices, the beginnings of a radiative thermal transistor > I. Irving ALONZO-ZAPATA (Limoges) 09:45 DEPO5-O2-135 Pulsed magnetron sputtering of strongly thermochromic VO2-based coatings with a low transition temperature > S. Sadoon FARRUKH (Plzen)
SURF SURF 2 09:25 > 10:05 Plasma-surface interactions 2 Ella Fitzgerald room
  • Chair : R. Rémi DUSSART (Orléans)
09:25 SURF2-O1-042 Plasma-surface interactions in oxygen-containing plasmas > V. Vasco GUERRA (Lisboa) 09:45 SURF2-O2-109 Plasma electrolytic oxidation of aluminium with incorporation of carbon black nanoparticles > G. Gérard HENRION (Nancy)
CB 10:05 > 10:35 Coffee break Gould area
DEPO DEPO 6 10:35 > 12:05 Plasma-deposited coatings for optical, electronical and other functionalities 6 Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chair : A. Angélique BOUSQUET (Aubière)
10:35 DEPO6-K1-080 Photochromic properties of rare-earth oxyhydride thin films for smart windows applications > D. Dmitrii MOLDAREV (Uppsala) 11:05 DEPO6-O1-010 Growth mechanisms and properties of magnetron sputtered TiO2 thin films on complex 3D FOAM substrates > L. Loris CHAVÉE (Namur) 11:25 DEPO6-O2-022 Plasma diagnostics of a pulsed hollow cathode discharge and deposition of copper nickel oxide thin films > R. Rainer HIPPLER (Prague 8) 11:45 DEPO6-O3-036 Reactive D.C. magnetron sputter deposition of crystalline silver niobate thin films > L. Lukas KÖLBL (Leoben)
SURF SURF 3 10:35 > 12:05 Plasma-surface interactions 3 Ella Fitzgerald room
  • Chair : R. Rémi DUSSART (Orléans)
10:35 SURF3-K1-068 Electrochemical characterization of surface damage in n-type GaN induced by Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactive Ion Etching (ICP-RIE) and Atomic Layer Etching (ALE) > C. Carole PERNEL (Grenoble) 11:05 SURF3-O1-050 Deep etching of bulk titanium in fluorinated plasmas for biomedical devices > R. Rim ETTOURI (Orléans) 11:25 SURF3-O3-145 Properties of nitrided layers produced in an active-screen plasma nitriding process > G. Grégory MARCOS (Nancy) 11:45 SURF3-O4-104 Dual-phase nanocomposite coatings based on crystalline ZrN and glassy ZrCu > P. Petr ZEMAN (Plzen)
CC 12:10 > 12:20 Closing ceremony Antipolis Auditorium
  • Chairpersons : C. Corinne CHAMPEAUX (LIMOGES), L. Lenka ZAJICKOVA (Brno)





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